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If you love music and play a musical instrument
we encourage you to consider joining our merry group of musicians! 

Band members enjoy a special reward of enjoyment for their talents and the music they perform for others.  It’s a high-reward opportunity for any musician!

Band members must be at least 21 years of age; have their own instrument; be able to read and perform concert band music; and commit to being an active member of the band.

Being in the RRVVCB takes some commitment. The band meets weekly on Thursday evenings from September through May, either for practice or concerts.  Rarely the band does perform outside Thursday evenings (Veterans Day, special events, etc.).  While 100% participation is not required, members are expected to make their participation as a band member a Thursday night priority!

It takes a lot of dedication to be part of the RRVVCB.  But there is also a priceless reward for one’s time & talent.  Once a member see how their music touches the hearts of all who hear it, from beaming smiles to tears of joy and remembrance, they too will come to know the deep charisma of being a RRVVCB member!


Membership is on a volunteer basis and is open to qualified players (age 21 and older) of intermediate through advanced levels of playing.  Members in the band range from music teachers to people that just love to play music.  Section numbers and balance are determined based on the Conductor’s discretion in consultation with the section leaders and board.

While the band prides itself with the many veterans and veterans’ family members who are part of the band, there is no requirement of military service or affiliation to be part of the band.  Those members who’ve not had any exposure to being in the military or having a family member serve our country have come to truly appreciate all that our military has done for our country and our freedoms through their participation in the band!

With the exception of percussion and some very special instruments, players must provide their own instruments.  All music and stands are provided by the band.  Members share in a portion of the uniform jacket costs while the band is responsible for the cleaning of the uniform jackets.  Shirt, slacks and shoes are the member’s responsibility.

Check out our Member Guidelines.


Thank you for your interest in the Red River Valley Veteran’s Concert Band. We appreciate you sharing your musical history and background with us. Your information will be considered based on the needs of the group as well as your musical experience. New players are generally invited to submit an application prior to the start of the playing season which begins in September each year. In September we are in rehearsal for the first 4-6 weeks and at that time we invite interested persons who have completed an application, to attend our rehearsals. Members must be age 21 or older.

The entry process requires each new player to sit in for several rehearsals. After a period of time the appropriate instrumental section will determine the player’s skill level. Then the director makes the final decision to invite or not invite a new player based on their playing skills and if there is a chair available for an additional new player.

All members of the band are asked to follow a strict dress code including standardized red jacket, grey slacks, navy tie (must be exact match), white shirts, black shoes and socks and no pins or other additions to jacket.


Promoting Patriotism Through Music