The Red River Valley
Veterans Concert Band, Inc.

About the Red River Valley Veterans Concert Band, Inc.

The band's fundamental mission is providing patriotism through music. "Mission" is a particularly good word to define the band's operations, as it travels to bring the concert to the audiences. Throughout the nine month season beginning each September, every Thursday evening the band either rehearses in Fargo or travels to perform in the Fargo-Moorhead area or within about a 100-mile radius.

While patriotic music is included in every performance, the band's music is not limited to marches and anthems. Audiences hear Broadway show tunes, TV theme songs, big band swing, Dixieland, rock and roll, and even Latin music. The band often features vocalists from within the organization. Above all, an entertaining performance is the goal of the band.

The strength of the organization lies in its diversity. About half the members of the band are military veterans or are currently serving in the National Guard. The other half consists of civilians who play for the love of the music and the desire to entertain area audiences. All are volunteers. Musicians range in age from 21 to 87, and the musical skills of each also range from amateur to professional. The band is proud to count among its numbers former area band directors as well as a clarinetist who played with big band leader Artie Shaw!

The band currently schedules about 40 concerts per year. The band is on the road in the fall and spring to perform concerts outside of the FM area.
The band has performed in the following cities:
Detroit Lakes, MN; Fargo, ND; Fergus Falls, MN; Harwood, ND; Hillsboro, ND; Lisbon, ND; Moorhead, MN; Pelican Rapids, MN; Perham, MN; Valley City, ND; Wahpeton, ND; West Fargo, ND; Hawley, MN; Wheaton, MN' Alexandria, MN; Page, ND.

On these missions, the band often performs two concerts at two different venues in a single evening. The logistics of this are amazing, as the band sets up a 30-50+ piece concert band in the local retirement home, provides an hour of music, then tears down and travels to the sponsoring veteran’s club or other venue.

In the spring and fall, the band leases a bus from the Fargo American Legion Post 2 baseball team. During the winter, performances are limited to the F-M metro area due to weather concerns.

The RRVVCB is unique in that, while there are other community musical groups in the area, this band is the only one of this size that travels to its audiences. This distinguishes the band in some very important ways. First, they reach audiences who are unlikely to travel to a concert hall somewhere. Second, the payoff to the musicians is to be guaranteed a grateful audience with virtually every performance, which is personally gratifying to the musicians.

For the past few years, the band has been invited to perform at Rinertson Elementary School in Moorhead for their annual Patriots' Day celebration. Many band members take the morning off work to entertain and promote patriotism to hundreds of elementary school children, many of whom are new Americans.

Another special day is Veterans Day. Every November 11, the band performs four concerts paying tribute to veterans. After a ceremony beginning at 11:00am at the Fargo Veterans Memorial Auditorium, the band performs afternoon concerts at the Fargo and then the Moorhead American Legion, and concludes the evening with a concert at the West Fargo VFW.

The band also annually provides the music for the Memorial Day prayer services at Riverside Cemetery in Fargo. Hundreds of people attend this service, which routinely has guest speakers from North Dakota's Congressional delegation.

The Red River Valley Veterans Concert Band, Inc. (RRVVCB) is a 501(C)(3) charitable organization, so all contributions are tax deductible.

Please consider a personal contribution today. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Please make checks payable to the RRVVCB. Receipts and the Federal Id Number are available. Thank your for your support of our communities' Veterans Band.

Red River Valley Veterans
Concert Band

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